Married By Monday

By (author)Cathryn Brown

Nashville wedding dress designer in need saves her business by marrying a small-town man. A deal turns into love in a heartwarming romance.


She’s a city girl. She may be in for a change.Bella’s a Nashville wedding dress designer who loves city life. But her business is in trouble she accidentally made worse. There’s one option to save it and that involves her . . . and a small town.Micah enjoys living in tiny Two Hearts, Tennessee, but his grandfather wants him in Nashville and has offered him two choices—get married quickly or join the family law firm. By agreeing, Micah helps his family, and receives part of his inheritance.Bella and Micah strike a deal to get married . . . by Monday.Falling in love isn’t even an option. This marriage is a temporary solution for both of them.Then why won’t their hearts stay out of it?Get this fun, sweet book and start reading it today (even if it isn’t Monday).Author’s Note: A marriage of convenience. A charming small town. Laughter and fun. A hero who wants to stay. A heroine who longs for city life. Sweet and clean. Wedding Town RomancesRunaway to RomanceMarried by MondayAlaska Dream RomancesFalling for Alaska – Jemma & NathanielLoving Alaska – Bree & MichaelMerrying in Alaska – Leah & BenCrazy About Alaska – Holly & AdamAlaska Matchmakers Romances (Adam’s Brothers)Accidentally Matched – Noah & RachelFinally Matched – Mark & MaddieHopefully Matched – Jack & AimeeSurprisingly Matched – Andy & SamanthaMerrily Matched – Joe & Molly