Matched to the Pack: Curvy Omegaverse Reverse Harem

By (author)Layla Sparks

In “Matched to The Pack,” Jade never thought she’d have her own pack, until she meets an alpha at the Omega Ball. When she receives an eviction letter, she finally gives in to the exclusive secret dating agency Enchanted Nests, where omegas get matched to rich alphas, in this guaranteed HEA romance with a touch of magic and plenty of praises.


JadeI’ll never have a pack of my own…Until I run into an alpha at the Omega Ball and he hands me his business card.And he runs an exclusive secret dating agency Enchanted Nests…where omegas get matched to rich AF alphas.There’s no way I’m taking his offer to get matched. I’m not that desperate.Until I receive an eviction letter….and I finally give him a call.★★★Matched to The Pack features Jade and millionaire alpha Caleb’s pack. Guaranteed HEA. Each book can be read as a standalone, sharing the same world. A little bit of magic and ghostly appearances are also sprinked in. No shifting in this story.Reading the books in order will ensure the best reading experience.♥ Heat Level: Spicy (knotting, possessive growly alphas & omega heat)♥ Pack of 4♥ Pregnancy & Birth♥ Plenty of praises♥ No MM