Moorland Mist


In 1895 Scottish Highlands, Emma goes to work at Bonnybrae Farm. She finds love in William, but faces opposition. A tale of romance, courage, and self-discovery.


A HEARTRENDING TALE OF LOVE AND SELF-DISCOVERY IN VICTORIAN SCOTLAND.. ‘A thoroughly enjoyable love story, with a highly satisfying ending.’ Kindle customer. ‘I climbed into this book and lived its plot. I read it at every spare moment.’ Margaret. ‘A delight from the first word to the last.’ Amazon customer. _________________. Scottish Highlands, 1895.. It is the eve of Emma Greig’s fourteenth birthday. But instead of the usual celebrations, she is being sent to work on the edge of the moors at Bonnybrae Farm.. Emma’s father assures her that James Sinclair is a fair man. But warns that the mistress of the house is strict and too attached to her bible.. As her father predicted, life on the farm isn’t easy for Emma under the constant and critical eye of the family matriarch.. But as Emma grows, she begins to come out of her shell and find her voice. Her new-found confidence attracts William, the youngest son in the Sinclair family, and love soon begins to blossom between them.. But William’s mother is determined to snub out the spark of warmth ignited in their lives by Emma, even if it means tearing her own family apart. Emma is secretly dismissed and William is sent away to Yorkshire, each facing a future without the one they love.. The two young souls must gather their courage and find a way back to each other. If not just for themselves, then for their newborn son . . .. An enchanting saga filled with romance and courage, perfect for fans of Outlander, Dilly Court, Nadine Dorries, Julie Shackman, Tania Crosse and Rosie Goodwin.. ALSO BY GWEN KIRKWOODSINCLAIR FAMILY SAGA SERIESBook 1: MOORLAND MISTBook 2: MOOREND FARMBook 3: RETURN TO BONNYBRAEBook 4: A SCOTTISH DESTINYBook 5: LOVE HAS NO BORDERS. THE MAXWELL FAMILY QUARTETBook 1: AN ORPHAN OF SCOTLANDBook 2: THE SECRETS THAT BIND USBook 3: DREAMS OF THE VALLEYBook 4: SOMEWHERE TO CALL HOME