Mur, the Kitty-knight Adventures in the Fairy-tale Animal World: Illustrated, Engaging, and Educational Fairy Tales With Moral Lessons for Children Aged 5 to 12 Years, About Friendship and Kindness.

By (author)Igor Shnayder


Introduce your children to the magical world of adventures and kindness with this beautifully illustrated collection of 11 fairy tales featuring a courageous kitten named Mur who becomes a knight, perfect for ages 5 to 12. With vibrant characters and valuable life lessons woven into each story, this book is an engaging and educational addition to any home children’s library or as a memorable gift that will inspire young readers to learn and grow.


This book is a collection of 11 illustrated fairy tales about a kitten named Mur who becomes a knight, making it perfect for children aged 5 to 12 years:Very young readers can enjoy the colorful illustrations, with adults helping them to read the stories.For children aged 8 to 12, the book is suitable for practicing independent and engaging reading.The stories are filled with adventures, vibrant characters, tales of friendship, kindness, mutual assistance, the ability to empathize and help those in trouble or facing difficulties.This book is not only entertaining but also educational – each fairy tale contains moral lessons presented in a narrative form, which the hero learns along with the reader through their adventures.It will be a wonderful addition to a home children’s library or as a gift.Features a colorful cover.