My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding: a Fake Relationship Small Town Rom Com

By (author)Erin Nicholas

Josh Landry is a bachelor in New Orleans, but he’s been off the market for a year until Mardi Gras arrives and he’s ready for his happily ever after. When Tori shows up at her best friend’s wedding, she’s unable to get her unforgettable kiss with Josh out of her mind and ends up kissing the wrong guy with embarrassment. To avoid ruining the wedding, she convinces Josh to be her crazy-about-her boyfriend, leading to a temporary romance that may turn into something more.


Can he play her crazy-about-her boyfriend for a few days? Probably too well.

Josh Landry is one of the hottest bachelors in New Orleans. He’s shown many a female tourist that things are definitely big and easy down here.

But he’s been off the market for a year.

Because he finally met her. Yes, her. The One.

And after nothing more than a hot goodnight kiss and a promise to meet up again next year if they’re both still interested, she went home to Iowa.

It’s been a long year.

But now it’s Mardi Gras again and he’s ready for his happily ever after. If she shows up.

Oh, she shows up. For her best friend’s wedding.

But Tori is a terrible bridesmaid because all she can think about is her knight-in-shining-Mardi-Gras-beads from last year.

And when she sees Josh again, she gives him the hottest kiss of his life.

But oops. It’s not him.

Worse, it’s her best friend behind that mardi gras mask. Aka, the groom.

Unfortunately, no one believes that it was a case of mistaken identity. So, now she has to convince everyone she has no intention of ruining the wedding. She’s going to need a crazy-about-her boyfriend ASAP. Even if he’s just faking it.

Josh is all in. And he’s not faking anything.

But this arrangement is temporary, because no one falls in love this fast. Right?

Or can Josh convince Tori the next wedding they attend together should be theirs?

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“If you love sexy, small town romance and book boyfriends hotter than a southern summer night, Erin Nicholas always delivers!” -Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author

“You can always count on Erin Nicholas for fun, sexy contemporary romance.”―Melissa Foster, New York Times bestselling author

“Makes you want to book a bayou tour and escape into the hilarious world of the sexy Landry boys.” Erin McCarthy, NYT bestselling author.

“Sexy, romantic and so crazy fun,Boys of the Bayou from Erin Nicholas is an addicting Cajun cocktail that sucks you right in. The Landry boys have me hooked–and I have zero regrets about letting them sweep me off my feet!” — Maria Luis, Amazon bestselling author

“I love everything Erin writes! This is Erin Nicholas at her best!” – Jennifer Bernard, USA Today bestselling author

★★★★★ “Whenever I read a Erin Nicholas book, I know I’m going to get a hilarious, fun-filled good read combined with steamy chemistry and heartfelt romance. My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding is steamy, it’s romantic, it’s laugh out loud funny and just so much fun to read.” Jen, Goodreads

★★★★★ “I don’t think I have stopped smiling yet! This story is fun, flirty, sexy and chock full of heart!” Marybeth, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Seriously, be prepared to read the whole book in one sitting! Tori and Josh were amazingly perfect for each other. Their chemistry was unmistakable, and talk about hot! Ms. Nicholas always makes the seemingly impossible possible with her couples. I’ll never get enough. And now I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next Boys of the Bayou…” Kristy, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Whenever I read a Nicholas book, I know I’m in for a hilarious, fun-filled good time that’s rounded out with steamy chemistry and heartfelt romance.” Book Addict, Goodreads

★★★★★ “You ever read a story that just makes you feel oh so good? Well, My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding is definitely that story. I swear I had a permanent grin on my face throughout this story. “Princess Thuy, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Warning: You will stay up way too late just to finish this book! Josh had me at “I’m a bayou boy.” I couldn’t put this book down. ” Shelly, Goodreads

★★★★★ “I don’t think I’ve ever swooned as hard as I did while reading this. Josh is the absolute swooniest, sweetest, most romantic southern man in existence. Every time he said or did something that made my heart leap I would think he couldn’t get any better, but he. just. kept. getting. better. I swear I think I was in love with this man on the first page.” Red Hatter Book Blog

★★★★★ “If you are looking for a read that will make you laugh, touch your heart and make you swoon, you can stop looking, because this book delivers all three.” Gladys, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Her heroes and heroines are normal people. They have flaws and get embarrassed. She sucks you in with her words and brings you into her world! Absolute must read!” Argie, Goodreads FROM THE AUTHOR
“I have a wedding to go to. And I could use…a date. But it has to be you and you have to be…”

“I’m in. What do I have to be?” There was no way he wasn’t going to this wedding, and whatever else, with her. A chance to spend a few days with her? Hell yes, he was in.

“You have to act like you’re crazy about me,” she said, softly. Almost sheepishly.

He laughed at that. “I think I can pull that off.”

She smiled, but said, “I mean, like you’re…my…you know…”

“Your you know what?” He loved the blush on her cheeks and the way she was stumbling over her words. Victoria Kramer clearly didn’t realize that he’d do anything she needed him to do.

She blew out a breath. “My boyfriend.”

“Done.” Could he play her crazy-about-her boyfriend for a few days? Probably too well.

Welcome to the Bayou!

This series is small town, hot-country-boys-with-Louisiana-drawls, crazy-falling-in-love fun! If you’re a fan of my Billionaires in Blue Jeans, Sapphire Falls, or, of course, the Boys of the Big Easy series, you’re going to love this one!

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