My Mate’s Second Chance: a Bastard Beta

By (author)Eli Blake

In this dark romance trilogy, Daniel is marked and married to his Mate, but the Moon Goddess has darker plans in store for them. As he struggles with trauma and heavy burdens, the Beta seeks a happy future with his husband, and discovers the possibility of a Second Chance. Full of supernatural intrigue and emotional depth, this series delves into love, loss, and the potential for redemption.


Reader discretion is advised, for this trilogy contains sexual abuse, violence (including domestic and sexual), blood, self-harm, self-hatred, substance abuse, manipulation, toxicity, and descriptions of psychological trauma.In this dark, supernatural romance, marked and married to his Mate, Daniel believes he has found his happy ending. Little does he know that the Moon Goddess’s plans for him and his fated one are far darker. Now, carrying trauma and heavy burdens from his part, the Beta struggles to secure a happy future with his husband.In very rare cases, a werewolf is blessed with a Second Chance, second mate, when his first mate is destined to die, giving him another chance at happiness…but how can such an act of kindness be possible?