My Servant

By (author)Zella Ace


In “Serene’s Secret Love,” follow the story of Serene, a Thatcher whose life is bound by tradition and expectation. As she navigates failing marriage and forbidden love, you’ll be drawn into a world of secrets, power dynamics, and undeniable passion. Experience the tension, heartbreak, and unexpected twists in this captivating romance novel.


Serene is a Thatcher…

And her whole life, she was told that she would serve her purpose when she is married off to a powerful family. Frank DeHaven seems wonderful, but somehow, his heart is unmoved by her.

As her marriage fails, she finds herself in the arms of Lachlan, her Head Gardener. On the outside, she is of superior rank, but when they enter the bedroom, the power is handed over to him.

Love blossoms between the two of them. Until secrets are revealed and Serene’s love for Lachlan teeters dangerously towards hate. But who said you needed to love someone to have a great night with them?

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