My Way to Kindness: Children’s Book About Love to Others, Empathy and Inclusion

By (author)Elizabeth Cole


“Teach your child the importance of kindness and social skills with this engaging and heartwarming book. Join little Melissa and her adorable friends in a magical journey of learning empathy, respect, and gratitude through lovely illustrations and a rhyming storyline. Perfect for kids ages 3 to 10, this book offers valuable examples of kind behavior and true friendship that will make it stand out from other emotion books for kids.”


Would you like to raise your child a kind and polite person? Would you like to teach your kid such social skills as empathy, compassion, inclusion, respect, gratitude, and sharing? Then you are at the right place! This lovely kindness book for kids will help you for sure!Is your child usually kind and polite, but still behaves a bit rude sometimes? Well, everyone might fail to be kind once in a while. Kindness is a very complex skill that requires many social manners. This kids book about kindness will take your child to a magical dreamland of sweets. Boys and girls will surely like the adventures of little Melissa and her new adorable friends.This social-emotional book for kids:teaches children to respect elders, help others, share toys, say “thank you”, accept diversity and other social mannersoffers children many examples of kind and polite behaviorcontains lovely illustrations and a lightly rhyming storylinesuitable both for preschool kids ages 3 to 5, as well as the older ones of 6-10 years oldcontains a number of funny characters such as muffin, gingerbread, brownie and donut There are many books about big emotions available. However, what makes this picture book stand out from other emotion books for kids is a clear message about what kindness means as well as numerous useful examples of kind deeds and true friendship.Even if you have tried many similar feelings books for kids, this story about little Melissa will surely be an excellent addition to a toolkit!So, wait no more and take your child on this exciting adventure story about kindness!Scroll up, add this amazing kids book to your cart now and ENJOY!