Mystery Along the Italian Coast: a Race to Barcelona – a Rosetta Blessing Travel Mystery

By (author)A. Nation

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Rosetta and her daughter as they navigate through famous cities along the Italian coast, pursued by a vengeful mob boss. Will they outsmart the murderer and survive the dangerous game? Dive into this gripping detective story set in the heart of Europe.


Rosetta and her daughter take another exciting trip to Europe around Italy (Book 2 of 4).
After leaving her secure job, Rosetta sets up their detective agency. With funds earned from their last case, she and her daughter set sail on a cruise trip. A suspect from the states crosses their path through famous cities along the Italian coast. Now the local mob boss wants retribution and gives chase. Will Rosetta convince the murderer to give up or get killed by his wife’s Italian family? 4/25/23