Naomi and the Secrets of Going to Sleep

By (author)Jonathan Kushnir


Dr. Jonathan Kushnir’s new book shares the story of Naomi, a girl struggling to fall asleep, providing valuable insight and guidance for parents on how to establish a better sleep routine for their child in a fun and engaging way. This book offers a children’s story with principles for a good night’s sleep, helping kids and parents alike develop improved sleep habits and bedtime routines. Get the book and say goodbye to bedtime struggles!


Can I stay up just a little longer?
Can I watch one more video?
Can I sleep in your bed tonight?
I don’t want to go to bed. I’m not sleepy!

Sounds familiar?
How can kids sleep better?

Some kids and parents have issues going to bed at night.
This book, written by Dr. Jonathan Kushnir, a children’s sleep expert and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist helps kids, and you, the parents, learn and understand how to establish a better sleep routine for your child.

The book tells the story of Naomi, a girl with trouble going to bed and falling asleep.
It begins by describing the behaviors that make it hard for Naomi to go to bed and fall asleep.
Things change when her grandfather tells her the bedtime tory of ‘The Secrets of Going to Sleep.’ Through his story,
he delivers the principles for a good night’s sleep and an effective bedtime routine.

This book aims to help children and parents understand simple principles of sleep in a fun and engaging way, and lead to a better sleep for kids and parents. Introducing these sleep principles through this children’s story will enable parents to engage their kids in adopting them easily and willfully. The principles described in this book are based on years of research in the field of children’s sleep.

This book will Improve your children’s sleep habits, it will teach bedtime routines, and it will be a great bedtime story for kids.

Get the book and sleep well!

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