Next Door Naughty: Four Steamy Stories of Older Men and the Brats Who Live Beside Them

By (author)Saylor Sweet

Indulge in this sizzling collection of taboo romance tales, where older, experienced men take control and satisfy the young, innocent women next door. From pregnancy fantasies to secret games, these steamy stories will leave you wanting more. Get ready to be captivated by desire and temptation in this irresistible compilation.


Four spicy tales of the men of the house and the brats who live beside them!!. Collection includes:. * Baby Bumping the Girl Next Door* Bumping the Next Door Slut* Suckling His Neighbor* Neighbor’s Pregnancy Games. He’s older, wiser, and more EXPERIENCED when it comes to keeping her STUFFED and SATISFIED!. Baby Bumping the Girl Next Door. “It was going to happen tonight. She could feel it. She would give him her cherry, and he would give her his baby.”. Cammie is a cute college co-ed with a bedside journal she uses to record her dreams. The one she’s been having lately finds her with a tummy that’s BIG and PREGNANT, and breasts that are FULL and CREAMY. Now innocent, untouched Cammie has never done anything that could leave her knocked up, but this dream has her wanting to try because she always winds up WET after having it… Fortunately, her hot neighbor is more than willing to offer his active load HARD AND UNPROTECTED!. Bumping the Next Door Slut. “Show me what an anal slut you are, Anna.”. Anna has always been fond of her handsome older neighbor, so when he finds himself on the wrong side of a separation, the young slut insists he stay with her. It doesn’t take long for Anna to discover the REAL reason for their split: Bill’s cold dead fish of a wife simply couldn’t handle his voracious sexual desires! Her neighbor is in luck, as Anna is all too ready to be quite the gracious host. She won’t just give him a bed, she’ll offer him one with HER in it. One where he can take her HARD, ANALLY AND UNPROTECTED!. Suckling His Neighbor. Jessica is a hot, tight, college co-ed with more than just textbooks weighing her down. Attached to her front are two huge, lactating breasts, courtesy of a condition. She’s been forced to pump to get her milk out for as long as she can remember, but it’s never an easy time.. Her neighbor, Marc, has noticed the young woman’s creamy, bursting mounds, as well as the pain said mounds have caused her. He only wants her to feel GOOD, so one day he offers to bring her sweet relief by milking her with his own two hands…and MOUTH!. Neighbor’s Pregnancy Games. “The things you’re having me do… I was such a good girl before you came along.”. Abbi and her hunky older neighbor have always shared a close bond, playing all manner of friendly games with one another. Now that she’s full-grown with some lovely adult parts, it’s time to up the ante of their playtime… What begins as a perverted round of peekaboo leads to a risky game of pull-out, and they’ll keep playing until her bumped belly spells game over.. ~~ Sex is more fun when it’s FORBIDDEN! ~~