Ninja Life Hacks Weather

By (author)Mary Nhin


Introducing “Rain: A Ninja’s Tale” – a fun-filled, vibrant story that follows the adventures of a ninja navigating through slippery and wet weather. With playful rhyming verses and colorful illustrations, this book not only teaches about the weather but also celebrates emotions and feelings. Perfect for budding ninjas of all ages! Read more for an engaging journey through rain-soaked challenges and ninja wisdom.


A fun-filled, vibrant tale from the creator of the Ninja Life Hacks series!

Rain makes being a ninja harder,
When everything is slippery and wet.
I go to lunge as I normally would,
But then I slip because I forget.

Written in a playful rhyming verse and illustrated in colorful art, this story is sure to have budding ninjas of all ages celebrating emotions and feelings while they learn about the weather with the ninjas!