No Man’s Land: Reschen Valley Part 1


Experience the gripping tale of Katharina Thaler in 1920, as she fights to preserve her culture and homeland in the face of a new world order and a fascist regime. Trapped between love and country, Katharina’s decision changes the course of history in this meticulously researched historical fiction novel that will leave you mesmerized from the first page to the last. Join Katharina on her journey in “No Man’s Land,” the first book in the Reschen Valley series.


A plan to flood her valley. A means to destroy her culture.1920, former Austrian Tyrol. Katharina Thaler prepares to be the first woman to ever own a farm in the Reschen Valley. The Great War has taken more than her beloved family, it has robbed the province of its autonomy and severed it in half. As her countrymen fight to prevent the annexation to Italy, Katharina finds a wounded Italian engineer on her mountain. Her decision to save Angelo Grimani’s life, however, thrusts both of them into the middle of a new world order—a labyrinth of corruption, prejudice, and greed.Trapped between a growing fascist regime and a man who threatens to tear her home away, Katharina must decide what to protect: love or country?This gripping, historical saga reveals one of the least known political crises in Europe: the South Tyrolean and Italian conflict, which spanned nearly a century. The Reschen Valley series is based on the flooding of the valley that is now the Reschen Lake dam and reservoir, where a centuries-old church tower still stands straight out of the water.NO MAN’S LAND is the first book in the Reschen Valley historical fiction series. If you enjoy gripping, meticulously researched historical fiction, with characters that stay long after you’ve read the last chapter, you will love Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger’s vivid saga.”An authentic, rich story.” Laurel Busch, historical fiction editor and author”Well-executed…powerful…moved me to my core.” Ann Howard Creel, The Whiskey Sea”…vivid and intriguing…will have you mesmerized from page one.” Kristi Saare Duarte, The Transmigrant