O Lord & the Queen


In “Nico Daniels: A Code to Crack,” Raegan, the self-proclaimed nerd queen, finds herself irresistibly drawn to ex-military and smoking hot Nico. However, their contrasting personalities and interests make it challenging for them to have a healthy relationship, leaving Raegan longing for a little bit of nerdiness in her man. Will Nico let his true self shine and give their love a chance? Dive into this steamy and witty romance set in Australia.


I was used to being the smartest person in a room, the nerd queen my boss looked to when things went wrong. And boy, did they go wrong. Super wrong. Enter Nico Daniels. Ex-military. Tall, built, smoking hot. He wears suits like they were poured onto his body. He has a mouth that would make Satan blush. And I thought my Nan was bossy? Nico makes her look tame.

Girls like me want a guy as nerdy as them. Girls like me need a nerd on the streets and a beast in the sheets, but guys like that are practically impossible to find. They’re rarer than the mythical unicorn, the legendary eight hours of sleep a night, or the fabled second orgasm. But a highly frustrated girl’s only got so much restraint. So, maybe one night won’t hurt? Or two.

Nico and I are all sorts of wrong for each other. Sure, the guy makes me scream his name in absolute ecstasy. But the rest of the time I want to smash my keyboard over his cocky head. And that’s really not conducive to a healthy relationship.

If only the man who was a beast in the sheets was a nerd on the streets. If only we had something in common. I need a little nerd in my man and Nico Daniels is anything but nerd. Isn’t he?

I hated roleplay. I was bad at it. So, what’s my new job? Play the jarhead security guard to some pixie who’s got herself into a world of trouble with some shady online shit. The big boss likes his security to look the part. My boss likes to keep him happy. So, it’s Converse and nerdy t-shirts off, and tailored suits on and contacts in. Because the tech guy isn’t quite so scary.

Raegan Lane wasn’t just in a world of trouble, she was in danger of troubling my strict, orderly world. The guy who’s lived behind computers hasn’t needed game in a long time, but this little nerd makes me want more than just a couple of games nights. She makes me want everything. But I’ve hidden from the world for so long, I’ve forgotten how to human.

Every time I think I’ve worked out how to open up to her, all my walls slam back into place. My nerd side has never been what’s got ladies into bed – I’ve picked up a thing or two from my team mates. But that’s the side this nerd queen would love, if only I’d let her know it.

She’s the code that could crack all my firewalls, but I’m not sure I know how to be the real me and be a guy someone could love. To keep her, I’m gonna need to let my nerd light shine bright.

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.