Odyssey of Dragons

By (author)Aron Lewes

In a world dominated by robotic workers, 57-year-old grocery store manager Marge and her struggling niece Raven embark on a virtual reality adventure in Odyssey of Dragons, where Marge takes on the role of a young and charming male mercenary. A story of friendship, self-discovery, and the unexpected intensity of simulated reality unfolds in the face of depression and attempted suicide.


Marge is a 57-year-old grocery store manager. In a world where robot workers are more common, she’s one of the last human employees. Her best friend is her niece, Raven, who struggles with depression.Hoping to shake Raven out of a major depressive episode, Marge agrees to enter Odyssey of Dragons, a complex VR fantasy world that emulates real life. Marge enters the “game” as a man, a handsome young mercenary, and the experience is more intense than anything she expected.. CW: Attempted suicide.