On the Run from Destiny: a Historical Western Romance Novel

By (author)Ellen Knightley

Amelie Delacroix takes a leap of faith as a mail-order bride, hoping to escape her unwanted marriage, but her resemblance to a “Casket Girl” and the man she left behind haunt her. Doctor Benjamin Pacer eagerly welcomes her into his life, but his sister’s suspicions and a mysterious threat could unravel everything they’ve built. Will they find happiness or will the past destroy their chance at a life together in this historical western romance novel?


Amelie Delacroix’s parents are pushing her into marrying a man she dreads. In her desperation, she accepts a proposal of marriage from Benjamin, a man she’s never met, and leaves her hometown as a mail-order bride. Being the spitting image of her grandmother who was a “Casket Girl” makes things more complicated as she enters her new life. But what actually scares her is the man she’s left behind and his future intentions…Will Benjamin be someone she can trust or will she regret her decision?Although Doctor Benjamin Pacer is tired of living alone, the prospect of marrying a woman who is a total stranger both terrifies and excites him. Hoping to find a lifelong companion and someone to help him take care of Nellie, his younger sister, he feels blessed that Amelie proves to be more than just a beautiful presence. However, Nellie gets suspicious of Amelie and decides to investigate her life…How can he find happiness while his own sister is doing everything she can against it?Forging a life together seems like a real possibility for Benjamin and Amelie until the appearance of a mysterious man who threatens everything they have built… Will the past catch up on them before they have time to begin a life together?”On the Run From Destiny” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.