One Reckless Little Lie: a Dark College Bully Romance

By (author)Ellie Meadows


Enter the twisted world of Greenstone College, where secrets and power lurk behind its prestigious facade. When one girl tells a lie to catch the attention of a dangerously irresistible boy, she finds herself entangled in a deviant club’s sinister games. Join the thrilling journey of “The Beasts of Greenstone College” and survive the worst the Stone Society has to offer. This book is recommended for mature readers, 17+


One little lie changed everything.

And now the leader of the most depraved trio on campus only has eyes for me.


My new stepfather, Warren Greenstone, is rich. Connected. Loved by all. Head of an elite college. He’s the answer to my mom’s prayers. But he isn’t what he seems. And neither is the prestigious Greenstone. Behind all the perfects, there’s a twisted secret. A deviant club that only accepts the most elite students. The Stone Society. I’m thrust into a world of intrigue and power, tested to the point of breaking.

As if that’s not terrifying enough, I’m being targeted by someone who wants me to leave Greenstone. Leave or die.

All I want is to gain the attention of one boy. One desperately gorgeous, terrible boy.

So, I tell a lie.

Now he believes I’m Warren’s illegitimate daughter, but that’s better than being from the wrong side of the tracks with an alcoholic daddy who abandoned me. And I’m delicious to him, because the Beasts of Greenstone like nothing more than mixing pain with pleasure, especially when the object of their desire is just like them—Children of affairs. Bastard boys. Never quite good enough.

To survive Greenstone College, I’ll need the Beasts on my side…even though I hate two of them with a passion.

I can only hope that their barks are worse than their bites. And I live through the worst the Stone Society has to offer.


The Beasts of Greenstone College (1 Reckless Little Lie, 2 Ruthless Little Dares, 3 Ravished Little Souls) is recommended for mature readers, 17+. This book may have material triggering for some. Please proceed with caution. This series is a slow burn, building to open door scenes in the second installment.