Original Sin: a Close Proximity, Forced Marriage, Mafia Romance

By (author)Elizabeth Miller


In “The Sinners,” experience a gripping mafia romance that explores the complex dynamics of love, betrayal, and redemption in the ruthless world of organized crime. Follow the story of Vivienne Cabello, a mafia princess, as she navigates a forced marriage to Luca Mancini, a brooding hitman with a mysterious past, and discovers the true meaning of need and revenge. This dark and deeply moving love story will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Devotion doesn’t exist in the Cosa Nostra. Betrayal does. Violence is a staple. But beyond the red stain of death, there is heat and passion, and I demand a fairytale in a world familiar with tragic endings. . Even if love is a killer.. Mafia princess and humanitarian. Meek, mild, and defiant. My life is a series of contradictions, but there is one glaring fact that can’t be ignored—I’m caught in a web of lies glittering like diamonds and blinding me from the truth. As I try to rise above the murky waters of New York’s underworld, it becomes clear the enemy includes a man I’ve secretly loved for years. The brooding mafia hitman with a mysterious past and a body made to sin.. Bound together by a forced marriage, Luca Mancini teaches me the meaning of need.I thought I was a good girl, until his hand circles my neck and his thumb presses into my thumping pulse.Darkness consumes me.His darkness.My darkness.Then the blistering truth rises from the ashes, and I’m consumed by acts of revenge.. I entered this marriage with innocent ideations of love.I left with a gun in my hand and a hardened heart.No one is safe from my wrath now.. The Sinners is an organized crime / mafia romance that edges on the dark side. These pages are full of revenge, punishment and redemption, but this is also a deeply moving love story. Please read with caution.. Book I in The Sinners series, the prequel, is also included in this download. . Cardinal Sin. My name is Vivienne Cabello.Tiny.Innocent.Untouchable.The daughter of a deadly and unforgiving king.. His name is Luca Mancini.Scarred.Brooding.Dangerous.A soulless assassin who makes my heart sing.. One stolen moment.Two lies.Three broken bones.That’s all it takes for the monster to belong to me.. But our story is like no other.I fight for him.He fights for me.And when all of the deception unfolds before our eyes, Luca isn’t the only monster in the room.