Papap’s Teeth

By (author)Danielle DeVor


In “The Wooden Box,” Sara’s grandfather has a mysterious obsession with a small wooden box, and when her parents go on a business trip, she discovers the secret inside that will change her life forever. This intriguing and compelling mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Sara has a grandfather who has a rather odd obsession. Every time she sees him, he pulls a small wooden box out of his pocket, stares at it for a moment, then puts it back. It isn’t something he forgets to do- more like compelled.. One day, Sara is left with her grandfather while her parents go on a business trip. The box is nowhere to be seen until Sara gets ready for bed. The box is on the nightstand. Her curiosity is too much for her. What is inside the box will change her life forever.