Path of the Wisdom of Words

By (author)Amira Lidar

In her book, Amira Lidar shares practical advice for implementing life-changing messages in the midst of modern-day slogans and distractions. Her “One, Two, Three” method offers clear recommendations on what to remove from our lives, what to embrace, and what to hold onto tightly, with the promise of quick and substantial results. Join the many who have successfully applied these teachings and transformed their lives in a short period of time. Apply these recommendations in your daily life to make a real impact.


In the reality of modern life, we are bombarded with countless slogans and messages for an improved life.In this book, author and life coach Amira Lidar seeks to convert these messages into practices to be implemented in life. In her view, one sharp, vivid, distilled, moving message is certainly enough to sink in and effect concrete change.Through her wealth of insight and life experience, the author distills her “One, Two, Three” into clear recommendations, pointing out what we must cut out of our lives, bring into our lives, and tightly hold onto.It’s simple, clear and easily-applicable, and most importantly – it quickly gets results.You are invited to join the many protégés who have used this simple practice to make substantial changes in their lives within a short period of time.Remember: reading is just the first step. In order to effect change, these recommendations should be applied in your daily life.