Paw And Order

By (author)Chris Abernathy

Paradise Cove is a charming beach town where Sheila and her cat Whiskers solve mysteries with their animal friends. Fun, clean, and full of quirky characters.


A woman, her cat, and a murder.Who will crack the case?Sheila and her amateur sleuth friends or Whiskers and his animal friends? . “Chris Abernathy has created a fun world full of mysteries, margaritas, and meows. I want to live in Paradise Cove!”. Paradise Cove is, well, paradise. Pretty cottages line the quiet beach where waves wash gently onto sugar-white sand. Sunsets paint the sky each evening and gentle sea breezes blow across the dunes into the quaint downtown.. Whiskers wears a shiny police badge on his pet collar, and he earned it, but when he tries to tell humans what he’s uncovered in his investigations they think he wants food or a belly rub. Which, of course, he does. But he also needs to catch the killer who is trying to frame Sheila. Fortunately, he can communicate with other animals including a hippie cat that lives on the beach, a great blue heron, and the town’s K-9 officer.. Sheila certainly wasn’t planning to form the Paradise Cove Murder Society. It is fun, though, sleuthing with her new friends and sipping margaritas on the deck watching sunsets.. The Detective Whiskers Cat Cozy Mystery Series is full of funny and clean stories about starting over, rediscovering yourself, and enjoying lots of laughs, belly rubs, and margaritas along the way. The quirky characters (humans and animals) and small town charm create the perfect balance of exciting, heartwarming, and relaxing. Available in eBook and paperback.