Penelope Rose Goes to India: Picture Book About Spreading Kindness & Helping Others

By (author)CM Healy


Penelope Rose, a fearless adventurer with wings, embarks on a journey to India and comes to the rescue of an elephant who has been teased for his appearance. With her confidence and bravery, she shows the elephant that he is amazing just the way he is. Join Penelope Rose on her uplifting and inspiring journey to embrace uniqueness in CM Healy’s cleverly rhymed children’s book.


A bold little globetrotter. An insecure pal. Can she show him how to ignore his bullies and save the day?Penelope Rose is ready to see the world. Even though some animals laugh at a pig with wings, she’s happy with her special look. But when she takes off on a trip over India and hears another creature crying, the brave adventurer lands to find out what’s gone wrong.Discovering an elephant hiding in the trees, Penelope Rose learns he’s been teased for having an extra-long trunk. And after she shows her uncertain new friend her own wacky appearance, she convinces him to join her proud journey across the exotic land.Will a call for an emergency rescue help her teach the big-nosed beast that he’s truly amazing?Penelope Rose Goes to India is the uplifting second book in the Penelope Rose series of illustrated children’s books. If you or your child like self-confident heroines, exploring new places, and stories about embracing uniqueness, then you’ll love CM Healy’s clever rhymes.Buy Penelope Rose Goes to India to whoosh past the meanies today!