Permaculture Gardening for Beginners: a Detailed Step by Step Guide to Permaculture Farming.

Uncover the secrets of permaculture gardening, whether you’re a seasoned organic gardener or just starting out. Discover how to design and maintain your own sustainable garden, free of chemicals and full of natural beauty – click the Buy Now button to get your copy today!


Permaculture gardening will interest you if you are growing your own fruit and vegetables, particularly organically, if you want to garden without using chemicals to deter pests and weeds – or even if you are simply gathering kitchen garden ideas for a new garden design and are keen to do it the right way. . The fact is, it should interest us all, because permaculture gardening is all about recycling, regenerating and reusing – and while these three ‘Rs’ capture something of the zeitgeist, they are also what nature does on its own.. Here, we look into how easy designing and maintaining a permaculture garden is – and offer advice on how to create your own.. KINDLY SCROLL UP AND CLICK ON THE BUY NOW BUTTON TO GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK TODAY