Platinum Diaries: Book 1: Psychic Dreams

By (author)K. August Rose


“Sayra Price’s psychic ability has always been fun, until she dreams of a gruesome murder and realizes she needs to use her gift to save a man’s life. With time running out, Sayra enlists the help of her friends, grandma, and even her enemy to control her abilities and prevent disaster in this gripping young adult mystery.”

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What if your dreams always come true?For sixteen-year-old Sayra Price, she’s never had to worry about how her silly gift works. Catching glimpses of answers to tomorrow’s pop quiz or who will get busted during their steamy make-out sessions was fun. Exciting even. But Sayra’s latest dream features a gruesome murder. Now, desperate to control her gift and save a man from certain death, Sayra enlists the help of her best friends, root-working grandma, and even the boy she hates. But time is running out and Sayra keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Will her psychic ability be enough to save her from the danger she’s stumbling toward, or will Sayra’s meddling make matters far worse than she could have ever envisioned?

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