Plus Size Lumberjack’s Heartbeat

By (author)Emily Crescent

In “Lumberjack God,” a curvy woman is shocked when the tall, attractive Joshua asks her out on a date. Despite her disbelief, she learns that he genuinely wants more than just a date with her, leaving her questioning how a man with a perfect body could want someone like her.


When Joshua shows up at my office, I’m freaked out because he almost catches me in an embarrassing situation. I’m also freaked out because he asks me out on a date, and Joshua is tall, muscular, attractive, and wonderful. A girl like me doesn’t get to go out on dates with sexy lumberjack’s like him. But it’s not a trick. He really wants to take me out, and he actually wants more than just that. It doesn’t make any sense. He’s a lumberjack god and I’m… well, if you’re polite, you’d call me curvy or plus sized. How can a man with a perfect body want a girl like me when he could have anyone?