Prime Time Travelers

By (author)Neil Laird


TV director Jared Plummer travels back in time to film the “greatest documentary,” facing historical obstacles and a disgruntled pharaoh. A witty, queer time-travel adventure.


MESSING UP HISTORY ONE EPISODE AT A TIMEWhen TV director Jared Plummer starts having vivid flashbacks to ancient Egypt, he thinks it has to do with the stress of his first international shoot and the heartache of breaking up with his boyfriend Carlos.The real reason is far more bizarre.In the shadow of a temple along the Nile, Jared encounters a mysterious old woman with an extraordinary proposition: she’ll open a portal to the past, allowing him to shoot the “greatest documentary” ever made.The catch?Jared must navigate the twelve gates of the Egyptian underworld and retrieve a misplaced mummy. Easy, right?As Jared and his hapless crew embark on this time-traveling escapade, they’re thrust into the world of Ramses the Great, who isn’t exactly thrilled about their unexpected arrival. To achieve TV greatness, they must navigate double-crossing embalmers, a dangerously alluring Nubian assassin, and a royally disgruntled pharaoh.Will they survive the chaos and bring home an Emmy-winning series, or will they get canceled before the first episode is even finished?Imagine a rainbow-colored time machine with the wit of Neil Gaiman, the ancient romance of Song of Achilles, the queer coming-out charm of House in the Cerulean Sea and the time slip passion of Outlander, and your destination is Prime Time Travelers. If you crave a tale that’s as outrageous as it is original, buckle up for a time-travel odyssey like no other.