Prince of Deception: a Myths of Airren Novel

By (author)Jenny Hickman

Rían O’Clereigh is on a quest to find his soul’s true mate, Lady Aveen Bannon, but there’s a catch – to break his curse, she needs to die. As they spend more time together, Rían must choose between love and freedom, unless he can find a way to have both. Prince of Deception offers a unique perspective on a captivating story in A Cursed Heart.


Find your soul’s one true matefor she will save you from your fate.. Rían O’Clereigh heard that fortune shortly after he was cursed, and he’s been searching for this “mate” ever since.. Sort of.Well, not really.But he figured if she existed, she would find him.And she finally has.. Lady Aveen Bannon.Beautiful. High-born. Human.. Unfortunately, to break Rían’s curse, Aveen needs to die. And the more time they spend together, the less appealing that sounds.. Love or freedom?That’s the choice Rían must make.Unless he can find a way to have both…. Prince of Deception is a companion novel to A Cursed Heart told from Rían’s perspective.