Prince of Seduction

By (author)Jenny Hickman

In “Prince of Seduction,” Tadhg O’Clereigh is willing to do anything to obtain an enchanted emerald ring, even escort Lady Keelynn Bannon on her quest for vengeance. However, as their journey brings them closer, Tadhg realizes that he wants the woman wearing the ring more than the ring itself. This companion novel to “A Cursed Kiss” offers a new perspective on the enchanting tale.


Long ago, Tadhg O’Clereigh learned that the answer to surviving his curses lay at the bottom of a bottle. At least until he meets Lady Keelynn Bannon, a high-born human in possession of an enchanted emerald ring that could set him free.He’ll do anything to get that ring—including agree to escort Keelynn on her fool-hearted quest for vengeance.As their perilous cross-country journey brings them closer, Tadhg realizes that, as much as he needs the ring, he wants the woman who wears it more. . Prince of Seduction is a companion novel to A Cursed Kiss told from Tadhg’s perspective.