Princess Rouran and the Dragon Chariot of 10,000 Sages: Princess Rouran Adventures

By (author)Shawe Ruckus


Embark on an epic adventure with Moli and her unlikely quartet of heroes as they navigate through a realm of shamans, conqueror worms, and dragon chariots in a 24-hour battle for survival. This captivating YA science fantasy novel, praised for its blend of mythology, SF tropes, and a spirited young protagonist, will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Join the Awe and Ruckus VIP Book Club for more FREE, FUN, FABULOUS books from indie writers worldwide.


Why is the dragon the only fantasy creature in the Chinese zodiac? Maybe it’s because dragons aren’t a fantasy after all…. Moli has never seen a dragon, but she’d imagined one many times.. Following her father’s death, her need to escape from the real world has never felt so acute.. When Moli’s connection to an ancient khanate is revealed, she unexpectedly opens the door to a realm of shamans, epic rituals, conqueror worms, and dragon chariots, where all magic and danger are possible… . Can Moli and an unlikely quartet of heroes outrun a fate worse than death? And where does reality end and magic begin?. Pick up your copy today and join these heroes as they trailblaze through a suspense-filled 24-hour battle for survival.. What readers say about Princess Rouran and the Dragon Chariot of 10,000 Sages:. “The mixture of time travel, mythology, SF tropes, and a spirited youngster in the lead makes for a truly wild narrative.” – Kirkus Reviews. “With a precocious young protagonist navigating immense, sophisticated ideas and feelings, this is a thoughtful story about choosing empathy and hope in a world of grief and intolerance written with eloquent language and Alice-in-Wonderland-like flair.” – IndieReader. “If you love adventure stories featuring dragons, shamans, talking cats, and other fantastical elements, this will be just up your alley.” – Readers’ Favorite. “Deeply meaningful and with a blend of needed fantasy, the story flows in a wonderful spectrum of events.” – Amazon. “A captivating read that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.”– Amazon. “This is an intriguing and action-packed novel. I was entertained as much as I was compelled to think about the faults, failures, and triumphs of humanity.” – OnlineBookClub. About the Author. Shawe Ruckus is an author of urban mystery and YA science fantasy, in which cold cases and legendary creatures take centre stage. She is a former student at the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in London, where Agatha Christie learnt how to poison.. Shawe is a globetrotter born in Inner Mongolia. Having woven a rich tapestry of experiences from her diverse residencies—including China, the UK, Austria, South Korea, Switzerland, and Japan—Shawe brings a unique medley of humour, bad humour, suspense, and slices of everyday life to her stories.. Having attended King’s College London and the University of Cambridge, Shawe also took courses at the International Space University, where she acquired much useful technical knowledge for her writing.. Sign up for the Awe and Ruckus VIP Book Club and join like-minded readers from 69 countries and regions to receive FREE, FUN, FABULOUS books by awesome indie writers around the world at