Princesses Don’t Do Summer School

By (author)Maikel Yarimizu


Princesses of the Pizza Parlor is a fun and whimsical tale of a fantasy role-playing game gone awry, where the players’ ideas clash with the game-master’s plans. This ongoing serialized story captures the creativity and unpredictability of tabletop gaming, with each episode showcasing the hilarious and unexpected outcomes of the players’ dice rolls. Get ready for a high fantasy adventure like no other, with a dash of cooperative storytelling and plenty of silly moments.


The game-master’s favorite niece wants to try a fantasy role-playing game, but insists on a few things. First and foremost, everyone has to be a princess. Her friends want to be (in no particular order) a witch, Snow White, Sailor Moon, and anywhere but there. What’s an uncle to do? So he gets together his dice, his maps, and his source books, and tries to show the girls his idea of a fun time. Too bad it doesn’t necessarily jive with how they want to play.

On the one side, we have a story about learning how to get along and cooperatively tell a story. On the other, we have a high fantasy adventure like no other, where the players’ dice rolls are changing the direction of the story in ways that the poor gamemaster never intended it to go. What does one do when the adventurers decide to have a picnic instead of actually look for treasure, after all?

Princesses of the Pizza Parlor is an ongoing serialized tale, with each episode encompassing one session of a tabletop game not unlike some of the more famous examples of the genre. At times, the action is focused on the kids around the table, and at others it dives into the imagination to show the story unfolding from the game characters’ point of view. It’s silly at times, but that’s just how things roll.

But a point to note: All dice rolls shown in the text actually happened. This occasionally causes great annoyance for the author, but he just rolls with it. Read more Continue reading Read less