Priscilla’s Choice: Courting Chaos – Book 5

Three suitors, one scandal. Priscilla’s journey west to her sister’s for Christmas becomes a romantic adventure as she finds herself the center of attention, caught between three contenders for her hand. Amidst secrets and surprises, Priscilla must untangle the complex web of love and tragedy to make her ultimate choice in this clean romance novel.


Three men. One choice. How can it be so hard?In disgrace after unintentionally breaking the rules, Priscilla suddenly finds herself jobless and on her way west to stay with her married sister for Christmas.It’s the adventure of a lifetime, a train journey across the snowy countryside. Priscilla can’t wait to see her sister and start afresh where no one knows the scandal she left behind. But no one warned her about the men. They are everywhere and almost every one of them seems to be single. It isn’t long before Priscilla finds herself the center of attention without even trying. Soon, it becomes apparent that three suitors are serious contenders for her hand … but how can she choose? They’re all good men who can offer her a comfortable life, but they also have their flaws. Who could’ve guessed it would be this hard to decide?After a baby mysteriously appears on the doorstep and one of her suitors suffers a tragic accident, can Priscilla untangle the complex web of secrets to discover which one truly loves her?Priscilla’s choice belongs to the Courting Chaos multi-author series. Discover strong female characters, swoony men, and a whole lot of secrets and surprises in this clean romance. ♥ For sweet kisses and happy endings, scroll up and buy Priscilla’s Choice with one click. ♥

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