By (author)Lilly K. Cee

In “TAKEN. SILENCED.”, Lilly K. Cee’s dark romance delves into trauma and intense trigger warnings, following the story of a woman who endures a nightmare after being taken and stripped of everything. The story explores resilience, endurance, betrayal, and toxic love, creating a captivating and intense plot that will keep readers engaged from start to finish.


Author Lilly K. Cee’s dark romance addresses trauma on a broad spectrum. It contains intense trigger warnings. Please consult her LinkTree list if needed before committing to reading. TAKEN. SILENCED.Decorated in gold, she landed at the feet of a man who hates her.She’d been taken, stripped of her name, and then her voice. One minute, she’d been a struggling college student. The next, she’s living a nightmare. Or at least, another one, because lessons from her brutal childhood would provide her with the tools to navigate her new reality with the man who’d won her.She will be resilient. She will endure.She needs him to survive as much as she needs to survive him.BETRAYED. VENGEFUL.Rogan was robbed of his dreams and his true love with a single action at the ceremony honoring his years of devotion and loyalty to the island. But the reward that landed at his feet was not what he expected. Betrayal coursing through him, he walked away with a gold-plated woman: his prize.He hates her. Because he is as captive as she.But besides his best friend, Wes, the golden woman is all he has: his pet, his prize. And he will protect what he owns.Theirs isn’t a typical love story. But dark, toxic love is still love.