Protection of a Bear

By (author)Jennifer Snyder

Join Hunter Shaw and his bear as they find themselves drawn to Naomi Hart, a woman running from a dangerous ex. Can Hunter protect her and win her heart, or will her fear drive them apart? Dive into the Shaw Clan series for a thrilling shifter romance set in the captivating world of Crescent Creek.


His bear wants her, but she’s running scared from her past. Will he be able to save the woman who’s managed to capture his heart?Hunter Shaw and his bear lead a tranquil life managing Shaw Cabins with his three siblings on their family mountain. That is until he meets a woman who stirs something in them both, causing Hunter to feel restless in his own skin. His previously content existence now feels lifeless and hollow. Hunter needs more—he needs her.Naomi Hart recently broke things off with someone and left town. The problem is, her ex didn’t accept. Now she’s in a cabin on a mountain terrified he’ll find her. When the attractive owner of the cabins, whom she can’t seem to stay away from, offers to protect her, Naomi knows she shouldn’t take him up on it. After all, her ex isn’t exactly human. As the attraction between Hunter and Naomi grows stronger, her pursuer catches up with her. Hunter understands in order to protect her, he may need to release his bear. But will Naomi accept what he is, or will fear of his family secret push her away?Protection Of A Bear is book 1 in the Shaw Clan series which is part of the larger Paranormals of Crescent Creek World. If you enjoy reading about small towns with quirky characters and shifter romance stories with Fated Mates you’ll love these books!