Protégé King

By (author)Lisa Renee Jones


Alana Blue, a successful real estate agent and star of Selling in New York, finds herself face to face with her old flame, Damion West, the heir to a powerful company. As their past re-emerges and secrets come to light, Alana is forced to confront her feelings for Damion and navigate a new kind of contract. Love and business collide in this enticing tale of second chances and hidden truths.


Damion West was the boy who stole my young heart and then broke it. That was a long time ago though and I’m not a girl susceptible to hot boys with big egos who just happen to kiss well anymore. Nor have I kept up with Damion West. Okay, I have. Everyone has. He’s the heir to West Enterprises, and notoriously loud on social media.. Everyone knows Damion West.Just not like I do.But that’s another story better left untold.. It’s hard sometimes to remember that I’m no slouch myself. Confidence isn’t exactly my forte but I fake it well. I’ve worked with my parents’ real estate firm catering to the rich and famous for years and I’m now one of the top agents in the country. Blue Enterprises is the name of our firm, which is also my name. Blue. Alana Blue. And now I’m on TV, the star of Selling in New York.. But every family has secrets. Damion’s does and mine does as well.That’s why I have the TV show I didn’t really want.Nothing is real.Except him. Damion. He’s real. So is my past with him. But it’s the past.. Then one day I get called to a meeting by the studio head, it’s all very secretive.Because it’s not the studio at all, or actually, it is. Because his family owns everything.. That’s right.The meeting is with him. It’s with Damion West.And Lord help me, he’s now sexier, and more arrogant than ever.. Also it turns out that what Damion wants from me isn’t as simple as a real estate contract.But it’s a contract all right.