Quinn of Cygnus: Lift Off

By (author)AM Scott


Quinn thought Adzari Net Academy was her ticket to a better life, until new ownership turns it into a fight for survival. With no backing and tough odds, Quinn is determined to not just endure, but to escape and wreak havoc on her way out. They won’t know what hit them.


Something is wrong at Adzari Net Academy. Really wrong.It all seemed so right—Quinn’s big chance! She’d leave the mud, giant lizards and back-breaking labor behind forever and gain so much more: skills, connections, a job, a real life.Then Quinn arrives to find the academy under new ownership and everything’s changed. Mean girls, strict schedules and tough teachers aren’t a problem. Quinn’s got the brains, discipline and training to beat them at their own game.But the new owners raised the stakes and the house always wins. Quinn’s big adventure has become a fight for survival. Light years from home, with no power or backup, how can she endure?Some might give up and fail. But not Quinn. She’s determined to not just survive, but escape and do a little damage on her way out.They’ll never know what hit them.