Radiant Light: a Paranormal Romance Series

By (author)Chloe Adler

In “Tales from the Edge: Book 1: Distant Light”, experience a world of danger and passion as a woman navigates a perilous love affair with four men, including a captivating vampire and a protective dragon. As a sinister force threatens their town and the world, they must unravel a dark plan or face devastating consequences. Join the heart-pounding adventure and be captivated by the stakes of life and love.


I live in a world filled with intoxicating passion, eclipsed by danger, and my four men may not be able to save me.Rhys, the dangerously captivating vampire. Tension crackles between us, thick and charged. Beside me, Caspian’s lion’s roar is a soft purr, his artist’s soul bleeding emotion. Dominic the panther’s analytical mind, a fortress of reason, struggles against the chaos of our town. While Thorn, with the might of a tiny dragon, vows to protect us or douse the world in flames.. Our love is a perilous dance, one step away from either a lover’s embrace or a fall into a true abyss. As this dance whirls us faster, a sinister force snatches humans and vampires from the streets, amassing an army of ghouls that threatens Distant Edge—and perhaps the world.. With my four men by my side, we must unravel the threads of a dark plan. If we fail, not only will our love be a casualty, but the puppet master’s ghoul army might spill out into the night, completely unstoppable.. The stakes are life or death, and I’m at the heart of it.Can I be the savior we need, or will our love—and our lives—be lost in the deepening shadows?———Tales from the Edge:Book 1: Distant LightBook 2: Radiant LightBook 3: Blazing Light

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