Red Ink: a Collection of Sweet & Spicy, Instalove, Instalust, Mafia Romance Novellas

By (author)Imani Jay


Experience the explosive romance and intense protection as strong men fall hard for their curvy queens in these two RED-hot reads! Giuseppe DeLuca will stop at nothing to protect his woman from danger, while Callum O’Malley is the perfect man to protect Nina from her criminal ex. Get ready for action-packed passion and steamy suspense in these thrilling romance novels!


These made men fall first and hard!They’re OTT, JP, THAD-obsessed with their curvy queens!!Click now for not one, but two RED-hot reads!!!. GIUSEPPE DELUCA:Heavens have mercy on who dares touch a single hair on his woman’s head…Madeleine Sow has craved for Giuseppe, Joey, DeLuca for as long as she can remember. No man has ever compared. Not even the one her father has arranged for her to marry…Joey’s had his eye on Maddie for a long time. Waiting for the girl to grow into a woman. For the woman to become his match. But just when he thinks she slipped through his fingers, Maddie comes knocking on his door, and blows his mind with a proposal no man can refuse.Now he has no choice but to claim his woman and protect her.This savage will stop at nothing to keep what’s his safe.. BOSTON SOURShe’s no damsel in distress, but a strong woman in need of protection, and he’s the perfect man for the job.. NinaI escaped the clutches of my criminal ex and rebuilt my life. But now I have to move again, because even locked away, the man finds a way to make my life a nightmare. Then my son-in-law, Joey DeLuca, puts me under the protection of his hot-as-hell best friend. And Lord have mercy, the man is fine! But I have no time for shenanigans. There’s a stalker after me, and I need to stay smart. Now if only my lady bits and Cal’s big… hum… thing got the memo!CallumI’m living the life. Making money, enjoying women, spoiling my family, without a care. But that was all before my best friend sends me a woman to look after. A woman like none I’ve ever met. A lady. Nina knows the life. She left it behind, but now her past is catching up with her. What she doesn’t understand is it only took one look to make her mine. And no one messes with an O’Malley’s woman.PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS INDIVIDUAL BOOKS.