Redeemed by Her Highland Heart: a Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

By (author)Veronica Swan

In “Highlander’s Redemption,” Urich must confront his past and win back the woman he pushed away. As he struggles with self-hatred, Ainslie must tend to his wounds and heal his damaged soul, but time may be running out for their chance at redemption.


He pushed her away. Now he must fight to win her back.. Urich thought he had managed to run away from his past. However, an offer he can’t refuse from his half-brother, Laird McDaugh, takes him back to the place of his suffering. Entrusted to bring the warriors of the McDaugh clan to their former glory, Urich soon falls back into a cycle of self-hatred.. Ainslie always cared for Urich but from afar. Having witnessed the Highlander’s deepest shame, she made sure to hide her presence as a means to pacify the demons of his past. But as the lass finds Urich lying beaten and unconscious, she realizes she can no longer stay away and runs to his rescue.. As Ainslie tends to Urich, she discovers that it is not his body that needs healing but his soul. Yet, not having learned how to be loved, he can’t help but drive her away. The lass, however, has made her way into his heart, and by the time he is ready to receive her help, it might just be too late.