Rest In Peace

By (author)Willow Rose

Sarah Chapman, drunk and angry, is found dead in her bed with her husband Steven. She is arrested and taken away, but claims innocence. FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas believes Sarah is telling the truth, despite her intoxication. However, the police is determined to convict her. As more bodies are found, Eva Rae Thomas races against time to prove Sarah’s innocence and catch the real murderer before it’s too late, potentially causing her family’s harm.


Sarah Chapman is angry at her husband. She’s also drunk… very drunk as she drives down their street, ready to face him.When a neighbor hears the commotion and rushes to help, he finds her inside, gun still in her hand, and her husband, Steven, dead in the bed.Sarah is arrested and taken away but claims to be innocent.The only one who believes her is FBI profiler, Eva Rae Thomas.She knows Sarah personally, and as she looks at the evidence in the case, she is convinced that Sarah is telling the truth, even though she was highly intoxicated when the event occurred.But the detective on the case is determined to have her convicted for the murder.As more bodies turn up, only Eva Rae Thomas sees the connections and soon starts a race against time to prove Sarah is innocent and to catch the real murderer before it’s too late and her own family is targeted.Lies and secrets pile up in this chilling next installment of Willow Rose’s bestselling series about FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas.