Ricky and Caleb: Baby Rhino and the Big Fart.: the Tale of a Baby Rhino’s Fart: a Story of Humor, Friendship Between a Man and a Dog, Cute Animal Illustrations. Perfect for Young Readers Ages 3-8.

By (author)Tommy Fable


Join Caleb and his furry friend, Ricky, on an unforgettable adventure to help a baby rhino in distress in ‘Ricky and Caleb: Baby Rhino and the Big Fart’. Filled with heartwarming moments and humorous detours, this delightful tale celebrates the power of friendship and perseverance, making it a perfect read for all ages. Don’t miss out on the unforgettable journey that awaits just beyond your doorstep!


Experience the warmth of the savanna sun and the strength of friendship with ‘Ricky and Caleb: Baby Rhino and the Big Fart’. This heartwarming tale takes you on a journey with Caleb and his slightly clumsy dog, Ricky, as they stumble upon a baby rhino in distress. After accidentally eating trash, the baby rhino ends up with a stomachache. Eager to help, the two friends set out to find clover, nature’s remedy for tummy troubles. Their adventure is filled with humorous detours.This book celebrates the simple joys of life and the incredible outcomes that friendship and perseverance can lead to. ‘Ricky and Caleb: Baby Rhino and the Big Fart’ is a delightful read for readers of all ages, reminding us that the most unforgettable adventures often lie just beyond our doorstep.Perfect for Young Readers Ages 3-8.