Ripped – the Price of Loyalty: Everhide Rockstar Romance Series Book 1

By (author)Tania Joyce

RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty is an intense, emotional, friends-to-lovers rockstar romance that follows the story of Kyle, Gemma, and Hunter as they navigate love, loyalty, and the price of fame. With swoonworthy characters and an emotional rollercoaster of a plot, be prepared to fall in love with Everhide and their rockstar world. This is the first book in the Everhide Rockstar Series, but can also be enjoyed as a standalone read.


The only thing Kyle loved more than music was Gemma. The problem was she loved his best friend. Torn between love and loyalty, what sacrifice will he make?. Gemma Lonsdale was the lead singer in the world’s biggest rock band.She was adored by fans, worshiped by millions.But endless scandal and life in the limelight has left her paranoid and broken her trust in true love.Hunter Collins and Kyle McIntyre, her best friends and fellow band mates, were her world.Music was life.Nothing could break their bond.Except…a kiss.When Hunter enters her dreams, one impulsive decision threatens to tear their band apart.. Kyle loved Gemma more than music.He never saw it coming. His two best friends together.He wanted them to be happy. But he could’ve sworn Gemma had feelings for him.Deep down, he didn’t think Hunter was the right man for her.He was.She was his.With their record deal on the line, should he keep the peace in the band and his feelings a secret?Or risk not only their career but their lifelong friendship too?Was she worth it?. . . Yep!. RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty is an intense, emotional, friends-to-lovers rockstar romance with a swoonworthy bass-playing hero, a feisty female lead guitarist, a love that has blossomed since childhood and dreams that threaten to tear them apart. With all the feels, be prepared to fall in love with Everhide.. * RIPPED can be read as a standalone or first in Series.. EVERHIDE ROCKSTAR SERIES0.5 ROCKED – The Price of Dreams (Prequel)1. RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty2. RUINED – The Price of Play3. RAPT – The Price of Love4. REGRET – The Price of Truth5. REWIND – The Price of Fate6. RETUNED – The Price of Time