Jon Monson

Rise of the Forgotten Sun

An adventure-hungry prince, his alcoholic best friend, and a giant lizard unleash a magic so ancient that it has been forgotten by mankind. Now, all they have to do is stop the world from ending.


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    Featured, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Publisher Description

All Aydiin ever wanted was to see the world and maybe discover an ancient civilization or two. A life of scholarly solitude and adventure was more than enough for him. He never wanted to play politics. He never wanted to get married. He most certainly never dreamed of becoming a god.

Yet when he ventured into the depths of the Soulless Desert, he found… something- a power so ancient it has been forgotten by mankind. That day unleashed a chain of events that, once started, cannot be stopped.

It is the Rise of the Forgotten Sun.

It is the beginning of the end.


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