Rise of the Glass Cannon Mage: a System Reborn: Litrpg Apocalypse Light Novel

By (author)Atlas Kane

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the LitRPG apocalypse, as Jory Mitchels rises as an OP mage with magical powers and a call to adventure. With a Meta Bracer and an unlikely team by his side, Jory must navigate unconventional relationships and adult situations to clean up a billionaire’s misguided mess. Join Jory on his memorable journey to the top in a world filled with magic and danger.


My Rise as an OP mage in the LitRPG apocalypse.. I was there when the Gaia System was first born. The changes were more than anyone could have dreamed of: magical powers, a stronger body, and a call to adventure.. And it should have been a paradise. Gifted the ability to combine spells with my Meta Bracer, I should have had an easy climb to the top.. Maybe it was just me, Jory Mitchels, previously middle management in a start up from hell. The change was supposed to make life better for the humans of Earth, but something went wrong. An anomaly occurred involving my previous boss, a misguided man child billionaire who believes in the healing power of crystals and essential oils.. On a quest to clean up the bastard’s mess, with a beautiful sorceress and a brimstone burping monster at my side, this second life as a glass cannon mage is off to a memorable start.. (Contains unconventional relationships and adult situations.)