Rose of the Fae

By (author)Brittany Fichter


Embark on a captivating journey through the magical realm of Faerie in “Rose of the Fae,” the first book of the thrilling Rose of Destiny Trilogy. Filled with complex magic, forbidden romance, and the enchanting lore of Faerie, this young adult fae fantasy adventure will leave you spellbound.


A rose mage who cannot utter her own name.

A fae prince who never had one.

The fae queen who desires to use them both to start her reign of darkness.

Favorite of the fae Queen of the Eclipse Court, Rose–or Ruby, as everyone knows her–had been raised with all the privileges and luxuries of a princess, despite being human. And all the queen has ever asked in return is for Rose–the only known rose mage in existence–to gather for her the magical rose oil. But the queen is no benign ruler, and Rose knows better than any the darkness and power the queen will use to get her own way.

Playing the puppet for the sake of her friends, Rose has had little choice but to obey the queen since she was small–even when it broke her heart. But when the queen makes a request of Rose that she dares not fulfill, Rose makes her escape from the queen’s dark domain into the magical–and dangerous–world of Faerie.

Despite his closest friend’s betrayal five years before, Aemon and his followers escaped the Eclipse Court and have been doing their best to stop his mother from spilling her darkness out of the Eclipse Court into Faerie and the rest of Aerovain. Which shakes him all the more when he finds his childhood friend and betrayer on his doorstep, begging for help to save Aerovain. And though her story seems credible, Aemon wants little to do with Ruby…even if she’s blossomed into the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen.

Whether they want to or not, however, Rose and Aemon have little choice. If they wish to keep the powerful oil out of his mother’s hands, they must flee to the Winter Court–the home of Aemon’s estranged father. And as they and their friends flee north, they find that Vashti isn’t their only enemy. Rose’s humanity makes her a target for the local fae, as does Aemon’s lack of a True Name. And it quickly becomes undeniably clear that they must learn how to fulfill the roles they were meant to play.

For if Rose can’t become the rose mage the world needs…

If Aemon can’t complete his magic…

The Eclipse Queen will soon rule them all.

Read this young adult fae fantasy adventure today for complex, colorful magic, clean childhood sweethearts, forbidden romance, and the lore and legends of Faerie like never before.

Rose of the Fae is the first book in the Rose of Destiny Trilogy.