Rose: the Missing Years: ‘love Should Never Be This Hard’ – Book 3

By (author)J S (John) Morey

Discover a heartwarming love story set in the 1960s where cultural differences and forces of fate try to keep John and Rose apart. With authentic historical settings and relatable characters, experience the warmth and mystique of “The Missing Years” as they navigate a tumultuous journey towards a happy ending.


* Will the love John has for Rose love overcome challenges seeking to divide them?
* How does he: a village lad and she: a Romani beauty, face life together in an ever-changing 1960’s?
* Can they ensure cultural differences are tossed aside for real emotions to prevail?

The warmth and mystique of the cover are matched in the story-line. Have you ever missed someone? Really missed them?

‘The Missing Years’ is Book 3 in the series ‘Love should never be this hard’. Along with its ‘mirror’ – ‘Finding Rose’ – it starts to draw to some final conclusion after tragedy, then triumph, then tragedy again and – finally – some resolve at the end of Book 2, ‘The Black Rose of Blaby’.

Gypsy girl Rose and village lad, John, fall for each other – hard – as teenagers, after which circumstance and opportunity do everything possible to force them apart. Who, or what, will arise triumphant?

Whatever the outcome, be assured that this love story – where some events and characters are based on reality (albeit fictionalized) – immerses you into a feel-good world where what should and ought to happen are realized.

Locations, certainly, did and do exist – offering further connection to characters and events if you are familiar with either Leicestershire or the Westcountry. Historical settings are also authentic (without presenting you with a history lesson).

(One reader – from the area – was moved to tears when they recognized a location and feature since lost since the 1950’s, to new development. Such pages live on.)

The author’s romance novels have been called ‘an easy read’ where historical, location and factual elements come across to entertain as well as to inform. They enrich and breathe life into the plot without making it a history lesson. Characters are believable, even though the story explores the mysteries of the unknown to stretch the imagination.

As one reader pointed out “Having lived in Leicestershire for 15 years and knowing some of the villages mentioned in this book & the sequel “Finding Rose” I found this romantic fiction very readable & enjoyable.”

As far as romance stories from Devon and Cornwall are concerned, this Romani gypsy love story ranks as a genuine feel-good story with happy ending, involving mystical fortune-telling gypsies, a secret love-child and love triangle in the style of 1960’s romantic fiction.

NOTE: ‘The Missing Years’ (Book 3) and ‘Finding Rose’ (Book 4) carry parallel story-lines – largely the same, but from different perspectives. The latter takes the story to a later conclusion, but both follow Book 2 from where it left off.