Running to Grace

By (author)Lisa Buffaloe

In “Running to Grace,” Grace returns to her hometown with a wounded heart, only to be reunited with her childhood friend, Jeremy. As they embark on a search for hidden treasure, they also rediscover a long-lost love. This engaging mystery with romance and spirituality is the second book in the Crawdad Beach Series, perfect for fans of Lisa Buffaloe’s relatable and captivating writing.


Running to GraceSometimes, the hardest thing to escape is the past.. Five years ago, Grace Soloman and her wounded heart returned to Crawdad Beach, South Carolina. Believing her chance for love was no longer an option, she immersed herself in work and hobbies. But then, her childhood friend moved to town.. Jeremy Johnson thought helping his great-aunt retire from her business would only be a temporary distraction. However, when given an unexpected gift, his life is rerouted to a new opportunity, a search for hidden treasure, and a long-lost love.. Book 2 of the Crawdad Beach Series. “Lisa Buffaloe is a gifted writer whose books are so relatable to me. Crawdad Beach and the first in the series, “Visible Yet Hidden” are mysteries with romance and spirituality intertwined throughout the books. I definitely love this series of Lisa Buffaloe. I have read many of Lisa’s books, and they have left me wanting to know more about these characters’ lives.” ~ M. James