Ruthless Men

By (author)Zella Ace


Ria’s troubled past is comforted by Lawson and Declan’s love, creating a tangled love triangle. But when the men’s own relationship deepens, the story takes a unique and unexpected twist. Experience a love story filled with drama, passion, and unexpected connections in this captivating romance novel.


Two ruthless men. One sweet woman. Another love triangle again?

Ria grew up abused at home and she finds solace in Lawson and Declan when she goes to school. They both love her and she realises she cannot choose between them.

Lawson used to be easygoing, but after his family takes his aspirations away from him so that he has no choice but to take over the family law practice, he lashes out.

Declan was a bully in school and he graduated right into the crime world. When Ria unexpectedly disappears from his life, he sets out to reunite with her.

Sounds cliche? Well, maybe, except in this love triangle, the men fall for each other. Read more Continue reading Read less