Sapling’s Depths

By (author)Spencer Rose


Addi and Mila are faced with an urgent extraction mission on the resort planet of Yisa, but a figure from Mila’s past complicates their plan. As the Evo hunt them down, Addi must confront her true feelings for Mila and struggle with her powers, leading to high stakes in this thrilling installment of The Biokin Chronicles. The series has been praised as a page-turner with fantastic characters and a universe that’s hard to put down.


On the lavish resort planet of Yisa, Addi and Mila meet an Evo defector who requests an urgent extraction. The pair face a new mission: to get him offworld before his clearance expires.. But the plan hits a snag with the unexpected appearance of a figure from Mila’s past. As Evo work to hunt them down, their lives may depend on Addi acknowledging her true feelings for Mila. But can she do it?. With time running out, Addi struggles with her powers and finds herself questioning who she can trust.. This thrilling installment rockets our heroes to their highest stakes yet.. This is the third book in The Biokin Chronicles.Praise for the series:”I could not put it down””a page turner””the story is fantastic””Fun, easy, and hard to put down. I just want to read more and more about these characters and the universe they live in.””…it has everything I love in a story: adventure, love, drama, and some great one liners.”

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