Secrets of Green & Gold: Ya Contemporary Fantasy

By (author)Jo Holloway


In “Secrets,” Cara’s world turns upside down when she discovers a hidden race of immortal beings known as the Pyx, and she’s the only one who can help them. Filled with whimsy and mystery, this modern young adult fantasy is a surprising journey of discovery, where unexpected friendships and danger collide in the first book of the GREEN & GOLD series. Join Cara as she navigates a world of hidden realms and unexpected alliances in this gripping coming-of-age novel.


Now a complete series!An immortal race needs her help … if she believes they exist.Cara thought she had finally learned to ignore the animals no one else sees. A new school in the fall is her dream come true … Somewhere to start over, somewhere no one knows her. She should have known it was doomed the minute she heard the first voice.. Now there’s a weird gleam in her dog’s eye, two suspicious guys who keep turning up, and a voice in her head. While it tells her of a hidden race of immortal beings known as the Pyx, Cara does her best to ignore it and the others who join in. Fitting in is hard enough without the local fauna chatting in her head.. But the voices are insistent. Across Portland, Pyx are disappearing, and Cara is the only one who can help them. As bizarre encounters pile up, Cara begins to wonder if the only way to stop the voices, is to start listening.. The only problem is, if the Pyx are real, then so is the danger. So how exactly is Cara supposed to save them?. SECRETS is the first book in the GREEN & GOLD series, perfect for fans of modern young adult fantasy, hidden worlds, and unexpected friendships, filled with whimsy and mystery.Join Cara’s surprising journey of discovery in this coming-of-age fantasy novel, where strangeness and suspense ride alongside spirit and hope.