Secrets of the Charles

By (author)Susan Boyd

“Secrets of the Charles” follows the captivating story of three women as they work to solve a murder shrouded in mystery and time. With clues from the past and collaboration with police detectives, they uncover a web of secrets, lies, and dreams that reveal the truth behind the tragic event, providing an unforgettable and thrilling read.


“Secrets of the Charles” was a first-place winner of the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards.How do three women solve a murder when the witnesses and suspects are most likely dead themselves? Drawn by flashing police lights, a teenage Jack O’Shea stands among the on-lookers as the Boston police pull his mother’s body from the Charles River. More than fifty years later, his high school sweetheart, Kate, daughter Lilith, and granddaughter Alexa team with two police detectives to uncover the truth. Following the few clues left in a dusty evidence box and Kate’s recollection of her life with Jack, they discover the secrets, lies and dreams intertwining the victim’s family with her lover and his wife.